2017 All-America City Awards

2017 All-America City Awards

The submission portal for the Letter of Intent for the 2017 All-America City Award as well as the 2016 Pacesetter Honors from the Campaign Grade-Level Reading is now open. Download this Word version of the portal to draft your submission

2017 All-America City Grade-Level Reading Award
The National Civic League (NCL) and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading invite you to apply for America’s oldest and most prestigious community recognition, the All-America City Award. Each year, the All-America City Award is given to communities that exemplify outstanding civic accomplishments. In 2017, NCL and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading will recognize communities that have made measurable progress for low-income children on the key drivers of early reading success. Learn more about the award application and submit your letter of intent. To be considered as an award applicant, please complete your letter of intent submission by October 1, 2016.

After filing the letter of intent, you will be encouraged to participate in a series of monthly webinars beginning this fall offered by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading to support communities through the application and self-assessment process.

All-America City Award applications will be due by Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Semi-finalists will be identified using a peer review process involving all applicants. Award-winners will be named at NCL’s Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, on June 14–16, 2017.

The GLR Campaign plans to co-develop the actual All-America City Award application with NCL and all interested communities. A draft application will be available for communities to review by July 29, 2016. We anticipate that the application will offer communities an opportunity to:

  1. Complete a thorough self-assessment describing how your community has made measurable progress against baselines within the past five years on school readiness, school attendance, summer learning and grade-level reading.
  2. Tell your story about how you have addressed the NCL’s process criteria and key barriers to success, scale and sustainability.
  3. Nominate at least 10 peer reviewers from your community who will participate in rating and ranking All-America City Award applications from across the country. (You will submit these as part of the Letter of Intent.)

2016 Pacesetter Honors

The Campaign seeks to recognize communities with 2016 Pacesetter Honors that meet either or both of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate population-level, community-wide measurable progress for low-income children on at least one of the following solution areas: school readiness, school attendance, summer learning, and/or grade-level reading.
  2. Demonstrate exemplary work in one or more aspects of the Campaign's framework for success, scale, and sustainability:
    • Aligning, linking, stacking, and bundling the most proven and promising strategies, programs, and practices

    • Integrating efforts to support parent success and address and the health determinants of early school success.

    • Driving with data to establish baselines, set targets, track progress, disaggregate for subgroups, create early warning and response systems, tailor strategies, and ensure shared accountability.

    • Building cross-sector collaboration, community-wide mobilization, and a coalition of local funders committed to achieving the result.

    • Prioritizing children and families in public housing and reaching those children who are especially vulnerable (children with learning differences, foster care, homeless, incarcerated parents, dual language learners).

    • Utilizing technology to expand reach, mobilize constituencies, improve service delivery, and/or streamline operations

Notify the Campaign that you want to be considered for 2016 Pacesetter Honors.

The letter of intent for the 2017 All-America City Award and the 2016 Pacesetter Honors are both submitted through the same portal.