At the GLR Network’s initial gathering in Denver in July 2012, many of you had the opportunity to participate in a strand of sessions that focused on the importance of driving with data. Many of you were introduced — and responded enthusiastically — to a data-driven decision-making tool that many Promise Neighborhoods grantees, United Ways, and other initiatives are using called the Results Scorecard. In the ensuing months, members of the GLR Network asked the Network Communities Support Center (NCSC) to provide communities with access to the Results Scorecard platform to support decision making on local Campaign targets and strategies, as well as begin to track and report progress.

We heard you — and so in November 2012, the Campaign launched a pilot involving seven Network communities who agreed to test the tool: Sacramento, California; Tri-County, Texas; Miami, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Providence, Rhode Island; Springfield, Massachusetts; and New Britain, Connecticut. 

The pilot has expanded significantly beyond the initial seven communities, and we continue to hear from Network communities that are interested in participating in this effort.

The NCSC, along with the 30+ communities currently participating in the pilot, is pleased to invite you to participate in the expansion of the Results Scorecard pilot. The Results Scorecard pilot will enable additional Campaign communities to:

  • Access real-time data: View the most current community indicator data for any given results.
  • Plan and review strategies: Drill-down to see the trend line for any indicator or performance measure as well as the “story behind the story” and action plan.
  • Review program performance: View patterns over time for multiple performance measures tied to a single program and community indicators.
  • Prepare and use targeted Scorecards: View community indicator data disaggregated by localities within the state, county or city and/or by subpopulations (gender, race, age, etc.).

Each community’s Scorecard will include an initial set of progress indicators that align with the CSAP Framework and three community solutions areas. We anticipate that these indicators will continue to be refined during the pilot and that Network communities will augment them with their own population-level indicators of particular interest to their communities.

To learn more download the Invitation to Participate in the Results Scorecard Pilot flier. 

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