ThePreschool Development Grant department at has published a report brief that examines braiding, blending, and layering funding streams as possible strategies for supporting and sustaining high quality preschool programs. 

The brief includes interviews across three states with school district administrators, a Head Start director, and the director of a child care program illustrate how some leaders at the local level combine available funds to offer families the programming they need for their children.

Sustaining quality inclusive early childhood programs for children from families with lower incomes is a concern for all state and local administrators, including the administrators of the Preschool Development Grant (PDG). States have used PDG funds to expand access and enhance the quality of their subgrantees’ preschool programs. As the PDG program enters Year Three of a four-year grant, integratinging available funding streams may be one of the strategies these states and their local subgrantees use to sustain the PDG work following the end of federal funding.

The strategies of braiding, blending and layering federal, state and local funding streams to provide more comprehensive, inclusive early learning programs for young children and their families are not new. States and local communities have used these strategies for some time now. The goal of the brief is to increase awareness of these strategies, add some new funding streams (i.e., PDG funds) to the mix for consideration, and profile how local administrators are making it work in their contexts.

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