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  • Hi Abra,

    It's been great working with you as well .. you've been a tremendous resource and partner in our work in the past. I did speak with Kelly Jones last Friday and received some good info from her about her engagement with KCHA. I will be following up with Ted Dezember to get more specific information from him about his attendance work. I would be curious to know,though, if any of your members are in the 27 cities that were selected to be ConnectHome communities?
    • Yes! Our members have been very involved in connectivity issues (Austin for instance is serving in a mentor capacity). The following CLPHA members are ConnectHome communities:
      Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Housing Authority
      Baltimore, MD – Baltimore City Housing Authority
      Boston, MA – Boston Housing Authority
      Cleveland, OH – Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
      Denver, CO - Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver
      Durham, NC – Durham Housing Authority
      Fresno, CA – Fresno City and County Housing Authority
      Kansas City, MO – Housing Authority of Kansas City
      Los Angeles, CA - Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
      New York, NY – New York City Housing Authority
      Newark, NJ – Newark Housing Authority
      San Antonio, TX – San Antonio Housing Authority
      Seattle, WA – Seattle Housing Authority
      Washington, DC – District of Columbia Housing Authority
      • Hi Abra,
        I'm a writer with the GLR Campaign and am putting together a list of ways that public housing authorities are involved in GLR-related work in Campaign communities. Could you please fill me in a bit on ConnectHome and the "connectivity" work?
        Thanks, Betsy (brubiner@gradelevelreading.net)
  • Hi Alicia & others, the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA) is a member-based organization with about 70 of the nation's largest housing authorities. I am so pleased to have worked with Alicia on these issues and have housing authorities connected to this work. Alicia, happy to give you more info on KCHA or connect you with others there (although Ted should be a great resource). If you are thinking of particular places, I'm happy to let you know if their CLPHA members and if I can put you in touch! As you know, attendance and grade-level reading have been big priorities for our work to better align housing and education, along with out of school time, nutrition, parent engagement, and dual-generation initiatives.
    • Hi Abra, Thanks for responding and I agree it's always a pleasure working with Alicia! Has anyone done a cross-walk to determine how many and which of your 70 housing authorities are working with a Campaign for Grade-Level Reading community? I would be interested in knowing or seeing that information if you have it.
      • Hi Jill,
        Did you get any information on this and if so would you please send my way? I've been assigned to put together a list of public housing authority involvement in GLR work in campaign communities!
      • I don't know that we ever did that. Alicia - can you send me a list of Campaign communities? I could do a match-up from there. You can also see all of our members on our website: http://www.clpha.org/memberdirectory
  • Hi Kelly,

    I'm helping to lead the work with housing authorities for the Campaign and would love to talk to you about the relationship you have with KCHA. I've spoke with Ted Dezember from KCHA but would love to get your perspective. Please let me know when you might have time to quickly touch base on this over the phone.

    California State Lead
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    • Hi Kelly,
      I'm a writer with the GLR Campaign - I've been asked by the Campaign to document ways that public housing authorities are involved in GLR-related work in Campaign communities. Could you send me a little information on KCHA's involvement in attendance and school readiness work asap? Thank you, Betsy (brubiner@gradelevelreading.net)
    • Thanks for reminding all of us about the KCHA's work in Eastside Pathways. Do you know what is the best way to describe the role the KCHA is playing with Eastside around the attendance effort? Can you share with us what the housing authority a capacity partner for programming, offering space and locations for programming, matching funds partner, etc? It will help other housing authority partners around by understanding your partnership better.
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