Raise your "huddle hand" if you have a public housing authority partner?!

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  • Yes, there are a few communities in CA that are working with their housing authorities. I will encourage them to provide their info.
    • Hi Alicia,
      Do you have any more specifics on this? I've been asked by the Campaign to document ways that public housing authorities are involved in GLR-related work in Campaign communities.
      Any suggestions very welcome! Thanks, Betsy
    • Thanks Alicia for encouraging the CA communities to share their information as it relates to housing authority partnerships. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them jump into this discussion.
  • I'll leave it to the actual community members to give more details, but it looks from the Bright Spots like Topeka, KS; Springfield, MA; and Palacios, TX all have public housing authority partnerships. I also know that some California communities work with housing authorities.
    • Thanks Kelly. Appreciate the connections you are making with our resources to this question. I've got a few state leads working with those helping to identify the roles housing authorities play in those communities.
      • Happy to make specific introductions to housing authorities if we have a member there if you have particular communities you're working with.
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