With GLR Week in Philadelphia quickly approaching, we are excited to lift up GLR communities that have utilized exceptional communications strategies at the 2018 Communications Expo.  The Expo will highlight and honor communities whose communications tools have successfully moved the needle on grade-level reading efforts while providing opportunities for attendees to take and apply these tools in their own GLR programs.

GLR communities will be asked to submit tools that effectively promoted the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s community solution areas, in addition to the GLR movement:

  • School Readiness
  • School Attendance
  • Summer Reading

 The Expo will recognize up to 20 honorees and display their work throughout the week for fellow attendees to observe, gain insights and ultimately take home ideas to use toward their own promotion efforts.

Click here to submit your entries and learn more.


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  • I'm so excited to see other communities' communications materials again this year! Just a quick question for clarification: I believe this year's GLR Honors Self-Nomination form included places for us to upload communications materials. If we've already done that, should we still resubmit entrres to be considered for this year's expo? Thank you so much!
    • Hi Marissa,

      That's an excellent question! We'll be sending out an email with full information on this this afternoon, but in a nutshell: no, you won't have to resubmit your materials. However, if you want to submit to more categories or update/amend your previous submission, you're more than welcome to do so via the submission portal.

      I hope this helps!
      • Hi Adam,

        Thank you so much for clarifying! That makes perfect sense!

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