Driving with data is critical as Campaign for Grade-Level Reading communities work to make measurable gains in the number of U.S. children from low-income families who read proficiently by the end of third grade. Download and read the updated Driving with Data Innovation Brief.

The Network Communities Support Center is pleased to invite all GLR communities to participate in the expansion of the Campaign’s Clear Impact Scorecard pilot initiative. The initiative was developed in response to requests from Network communities for a tool that would help local Campaign coalitions “drive with data” by establishing clear baselines, setting targets, tracking progress, disaggregating for subgroups and promoting shared accountability for results.

The Clear Impact Scorecard is an interactive, online data tool that incorporates principles of results-based accountability and leadership to support data-driven decision making.

The GLR Campaign pilot is designed to help GLR communities:

  • Engage coalition partners to agree on shared results, indicators of progress and performance measures for campaign-related programs, supporting a “collective impact” approach that involves partners working together rather than in isolation.
  • Identify data sources, review data and prioritize action to improve indicators for school readiness, attendance, summer learning and grade-level reading proficiency.
  • Share research and best practices to develop aligned strategies and programs to improve indicators for low-income children.
  • Build the Clear Impact Scorecard to view the most current community indicator data to track results and to report progress.

The GLR Campaign pilot offers a GLR community several benefits, including one Clear Impact Scorecard user license for one year at 50 percent off the regular price. Additional user licenses can be acquired for local partners at the discounted rate during the first 30 days of the initial contract period. Each user license acquired under the above conditions can be renewed annually at the discounted rate. Finally, new Scorecard communities are offered a discounted rate on the first 15 hours of technical assistance from a certified Clear Impact Scorecard coach.

The community, in turn, makes commitments including to pay a one-time Scorecard set-up and training fee of $1,500 to Clear Impact (to cover the initial 15 hours of technical assistance referenced above) and to allocate sufficient staff time to identify data sources, enter data into the Scorecard and maintain the Scorecard by updating data.

Participation in the pilot also provides a community access to other technical assistance from Clear Impact, free or fee-based depending upon a community’s request. Clear Impact is prepared to work directly with a community or in collaboration with GLR Campaign national implementation partners to accelerate progress in school readiness, summer learning and school attendance.

In fact, several communities have purchased additional technical assistance, beyond the first 15 hours, from Clear Impact in order to drill down deeper into the data and develop strategies using RBA™, and in the process, further fleshing out the Scorecard.

Here is a look at three GLR communities’ experience with the Clear Impact Scorecard and RBA™ in the latest Driving with Data Innovation Brief

For additional information
Network communities are encouraged to visit the Clear Impact Scorecard website for additional information and a demonstration of how the Scorecard can be used. If you have additional technical questions, contact Michael Adrian at Clear Impact at (424) 225-1841 or Michael@clearimpact.com. If you are interested in joining the GLR Campaign’s Clear Impact Scorecard pilot, contact Bob Saffold of the GLR Campaign at (919) 710-1065 or bob@smarterlearninggroup.com.

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