Fast Five with Kelly Trop, GLR Staff

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Kelly Trop runs the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s internal database. She also assists with Huddle management by drafting the Weekly Roundup and formatting it in the email client. When it comes to the Campaign’s technology resources, Kelly is the go-to staff person for training and solutions.

How long have you been with the Campaign? I joined the Annie E. Casey Foundation as a program assistant in September 2014, but I have been with the Campaign since June 2013. I initially started working with the Campaign as a consultant and then was hired full time. In the beginning, my scope of work was with the Network Communities Support Center. It has shifted over time.

What did you do before this position? I interned at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in their public programs and technology departments. I helped prepare materials for various programs that the museum put on such as lectures and family events, and then for the technology side I was in the Luce Center, a public storage facility. Seven percent of the American Art Museum’s holdings are at the Luce Center.

By contrast 3% of the holdings are in the museum. I answered questions and wrote labels for the objects. Answering unexpected questions was fun because it gave me a chance to learn and practice my Google-fu.

What do you do when you’re not working? I should dance more. [Community manager’s note: Kelly and I met swing dancing and I’ve been after her to come out more.] I just got accepted to the Steering Committee of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. I’m excited about that.

Favorite book as a child? My mom’s a children’s librarian so I got exposed to all of the classics. You can’t ask me to pick a favorite book! That’s not a fair question!

Where do you go or what do you do to recharge? Either hangout with friends, do crafts, or go on vacation. I do little surrealist postcards. I took a mosaic class recently. I made a felt bird garland recently. It’s hanging in my room right now. I was going to give it as a gift but I ended up keeping it because I liked it so much. I might still part with it. I made it with specific people in mind for it but now I like it too much! Later this year, I’m going to Hawaii with my dad and sister.

Kelly’s final thoughts: I mostly use the Huddle for posting announcements and sharing interesting updates or events to keep communities informed with what’s going on with their peers. I also use the Huddle as a reference for previous Weekly Updates and to reference Tell Our Story 2013. It’s the easiest place to find some of these things.

I’m really excited about this series and seeing the Huddle come alive as a community. In middle and high school I was active member of a forum as a moderator and the Huddle takes me back. I look forward to seeing where the Huddle goes.

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  • I really enjoyed getting to know Kelly better! Kelly - thanks for all you are doing to support this important work and always answering my questions thoughtfully. You are a very good spirit and source of talent. And kudos to Susanne for thinking up the Fast Fives - love it!
  • This was so fun to get to know Kelly a little better! - I'm amazed she has time for all these other interests and hobbies as she seems to work "24 - 7" She answers my cries for help with Salesforce and The Huddle instantly no matter the time of night or day and even from train stations!
    A big Thank You for all you help Kelly!
    • Thanks! And I'm happy to help (although hopefully I will never again run a training webinar from Union Station... *crosses fingers* )
      • Thanks for everything you do on behalf of the communities engaged in the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. At some point, we should compare notes on all of the unusual places where we've hosted webinars or conference calls. Maybe train stations and airports should have little soundproof booths for this purpose? By the way, one of my favorite children's books is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.
        • Haha, we should! And I think the train station in Philadelphia has a video conference room; not sure why DC can't get on board with that.
        • My most unusual webinar place was at the landfill offices the Davenport, Iowa on my way to my son's wedding.
          • That's impressive!
          • :) That's commitment to the cause!
  • I love getting to know GLR colleagues through the Fast Five series. It is great to hear about the many aspects of our lives. Kelly is my go to person for all things to do with data capture in the Campaign especially our internal Salesforce system. She is amazingly pleasant and responsive. Kelly, I love that you wrote labels. I have a label maker and it is one of my favorite tools! Love the conversation about favorite children's books and hearing about your Mom. My daughter is a voracious reader and catalogued all of our children's books one summer when she was about 9 years old. I think she is a closet children's librarian!
    • That's totally adorable! What were her categories?
This reply was deleted.