Summer is fast-approaching and the excitement is brewing for Summer Learning Day (SLD) 2015 on Friday, June 19th! Whether you are aiming to expand upon your awesome event or pledge from last year, or gearing up to participate in SLD for the first time, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) is here with great ideas and strategies to support your planning and make your SLD 2015 event(s) engaging, fun and effective.

  • Get Healthy and Get Smart to learn how your community can play an important role in addressing the need for healthy meals and physical activities this summer. Parents can get in on the action by being active with their child and by setting aside specific reading time.
  • Follow the Numbers to learn how to share and use data to stem summer learning loss in your community this summer.
  • Learn how to Make Every Word Count to help children continue reading and learning over the summer months.
  • Spread the Word through community-wide messaging on the importance of summer learning and to support reading over the summer months.

Inspired? Want to know more? Check out the Summer Learning Day map and this year’s resources!

Keep the conversation going - come Hang Out on the Huddle with NSLA every Tuesday from 2:00PM to 4:00PM EST beginning May 12th and leading up to SLD 2015. NSLA staff will be standing by on the Huddle discussion board to answer questions, share resources and learn about SLD event ideas from the Campaign community.

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  • In Montgomery County/Dayton we are focusing on all four ideas - Get Healthy and Get Smart, Follow the numbers, Make Every Word Count, and Spread the word. Our Public Health Department is adding reading everyday to its summer messaging, many summer programs are looking at pre and post test data to assess gains in literacy, Our library has released a new "student card" to allow children access to library books even if their family has a blocked card, and our Transit system will be distributing books and promoting the message throughout the summer.

    We are currently working together to plan an event for June 19th in our community. I would love to hear how other communities are "following the numbers" and also celebrating NSLD.
  • Thanks for sharing this information, Kumba! Lots of great resources here. For the Huddle Hang Out, should folks post their questions here?
    • Folks should go ahead and post their questions and comments over on the discussion board. We've got a discussion set up and Kumba and I will share resources and examples related to Summer Learning Day over there right up till the 19th! I recommend swinging by one Tuesday between now and June 19th between 2 and 4 PM ET and sharing a question or comment.
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