Yolie Flores, a senior GLR Campaign leader, thought this article from New America about unique support programs in California that help trains informal care providers to prep children for kindergarten would be of interest to Huddle members.

It’s 9:30 in the morning in Fresno, California, and Ramona Ruacho is sitting at a small round table in her home with four children under age 5. The group has just finished reading a book and while infants nap in the nearby darkened living room, Ramona engages the bigger kids in a hunt for letters on cardboard cutouts made from cereal and snack boxes. Three-year-old Felix recognizes the “f” in “goldfish,” and Ruacho shows the children the difference between the F and the letter P.

Experts say these are the kinds of basic practices in teaching and caregiving that can make a real difference in getting kids ready for kindergarten and closing the achievement gap, which starts years before children enter school. Continue reading...

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