Friends of the Campaign and authors Lisa Guernsey and Michael Levine recently released their latest publication, How to Bring Early Learning and Family Engagement into the Digital Age: An Action Agenda for City and Community LeadersThe graphics on the first couple of pages are quite good and worth reviewing and sharing. Download here.

Imagine these everyday scenes: A father and his two-year-old are in their library’s bookmobile, checking out electronic and print picture books they just enjoyed at story time. Kindergartners select photos and drawings for their school’s annual multimedia slideshow. A grandmother and teacher share a laptop, clicking on videos that demonstrate Spanish-language word games for school and home. Each day, parents, caregivers, and children are building language and literacy skills for the 21st century, perhaps without even realizing it.

Every community in the United States has the potential to transform itself into this kind of ecosystem that supports families and promotes digital inclusion. Resources for Digital-Age learning already exist in libraries, schools, multimedia spaces, and through parents’ personal smartphones, but localities are not often tapping into them to help families in need. Other local leaders do seek out digital approaches but risk chasing after what is shiny and new if they lack the resources to critically evaluate new tools and technologies. 

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