All of the new summer campaign materials from Read Aloud 15 MINUTES will be available, in English and Spanish, in their Partner Toolkit on May 3. The summer theme is, "Where will books take you?". Last year, many of our school-based partners and libraries asked us to make the materials available at the beginning of May so they can be distributed before summer break and included in their summer programs.

Seize the Summer!

Around the theme of "Where will books take you?", Read Aloud 15 MINUTES will be adding two posters; parent handouts for ages birth to 3, 4 to 5 and 6 to 8 with reminders and tips; a new activity sheet; and bookmark.

Oh, the many places books can take a child and never leave home: Oz, Hogwarts, Panem, Camelot, Middle Earth, Jumanji, Neverland, Terabithia, Westeros, Whoville and so many more. Help us make this summer a time when parents and their children travel far and wide together.

Checkout the new materials!

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