We all know that chronic absence in the early grades often results in students not learning to read by third grade. A new study shows that teachers didn't feel excessively burdened when they took the lead in a program that significantly reduced absenteeism among 1st, 2nd grade students! 

Called the Early Truancy Prevention Project, the program was designed to boost attendance of primary-grade kids by facilitating communication between teachers and parents. The teachers took the lead role in intervening with students when attendance problems emerged.

The researchers report that the program:

*  reduced the prevalence of frequent absences by about 10%

*  is the first program for younger students to have demonstrated effectiveness 

*  was implemented in 20 classrooms in five high-poverty public elementary schools 

*  teachers reported improved communication between parents and teachers. 

Check it out and download the full study: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1Vo6ohNfKdi2b

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    • I'm interested in learning more but I do not want to pay to have access to the full report. Can someone email it to me at jdeemer@unitedwaywb.org. Thanks!
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