NSLA would like to thank everyone who participated in the GLR Reception at the Summer Changes Everything™ national conference!

Individuals representing more than 20 GLR communities and national partners attended the National Summer Learning Association’s Summer Changes Everything™ national conference on summer learning in San Antonio, Texas from November 17th to 19th. To support peer-to-peer learning and collect information on successes and challenges at the local level, NSLA held a reception from 5:15 to 6:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18th with the generous support of the Tides Foundation.

During the reception, 49 attendees from GLR communities around the country and several national partners had the opportunity to mingle, share successes with one another, and share their conversations and needs with NSLA through the #GLRSummer hashtag on Twitter and a number of flipcharts located throughout the reception space.


                                        These conversations provided some interesting insights into the ways that NSLA can support local GLR coalitions. In particular, comments on the flipcharts document the desire for more peer learning opportunities in the campaign. These comments demonstrate a clear opportunity for NSLA to better leverage The Huddle to communicate with and engage campaign communities for professional development opportunities, celebrate successes, and disseminate effective approaches to summer learning.

The #GLRSummer hashtag allowed attendees to share their experiences at the reception with colleagues who could not attend in person. Over three days, #GLRSummer saw 48 tweets from 17 contributors, reaching nearly 16,000 Twitter accounts for a total of over 137,000 impressions. A full report of #SummerConf can be found here

NSLA is excited to use the comments from the flipcharts and tweets to inform planning around GLR work in the next year. GLR communities can stay updated through The Huddle, Twitter, FacebookNSLA’s website, or by contacting glrpartnership@summerlearning.org.

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  • I knew I had to list The Huddle on the flipchart....then add the arrows. The other ideas people had can be accomplished via the Huddle. Another hashtag to search on Twitter is #SummerConf for lots of great (micro)insights and links. My handle is @canosa.
  • Sounds like a possible "summer" Bright Spot in Springfield, Jean! Welcome suggestions from Nick and others of other promising summer efforts to profile in a Bright Spot!
  • This sounds really fun- maybe next year I'll get to go!

    For those who were at the reception, following the twitter feed, or just reading it now from the 'full report' link- did you find someone else who was using the same tools or working on the same thing you were? What about someone who shared something you'd like to try to implement?
  • Okay, who wrote, "Get involved in The Huddle, glrhuddle.org" on the flipchart? I owe you many thanks! It makes me smile. We're a growing and mighty online community!
    • Susanne... I was the one who wrote that! :-)
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