SSIR Academy! Presents “The Networked Leader” Series

One of SSIR’s most-popular programs is once again available for you and other social sector leaders.

In this two-part video series – “The Network Leader” – you’ll learn to harness the tremendous potential of networks, by building cultures and structures that enable networks to thrive. Save $9 when you register for the series!


Part 1: The Network Leader Mindset

This learning tool will:

  • Explains why networks are critical catalysts for change
  • Examines the four principles crucial for network leader success
  • Describes the critical mindset shift that leaders must undergo in order to achieve network-level impact
  • Provides practical lessons that they can apply in their own organizations, sectors, and fields

Part 2: The Network Leader Roadmap

This learning tool will:

  • Explains how networks can enable public, private, and social sector leaders to achieve impact with greater agility while utilizing existing resources
  • Provides practical techniques, exercises, and convening designs that lead groups to rapidly build a capacity for finding common ground and collaborate more effectively together
  • Introduces paths for identifying shared values and a shared purpose across diverse actors
  • Details a clear roadmap for launching and sustaining networks that can drive innovation and impact both within organizations and across systems

This two-part video series is archived content in SSIR Academy!  Unlimited, asynchronous access to these videos and the downloadable slides will be available until February 15, 2018.

Price: $29 for one video or $49 for the two-part series. This price includes unlimited, asynchronous access to these videos and the downloadable slides until February 15, 2018.

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