Over the summer many young people and their families lose access to critical supports that keep them safe, healthy and engaged in learning and meaningful work experiences. Studies show that providing summer opportunities, including jobs, learning, and meals, prevents academic regression, the potential for weight gain, and youth violence.  Through collaborative efforts communities are finding innovative ways to increase high-quality summer learning, meals, and job opportunities. This 2016 Action Tool Kit provides:

  • valuable key steps for maximizing summer in your community;
  • effective practices for engaging key stakeholders;
  • and highlights communities that have moved summer to a time of risk to a time of great reward. 

Seven steps for maximizing summer opportunities in your communities include:

  1. Convene your summer dream team.
  2. Focus your resources and assets to meet key needs.
  3. Get everyone in the community rowing together.
  4. Spread the word by creating tools and resources for families and young people.
  5. Keep track of what's happening by establishing an agreed upon process for data sharing, collection and analysis across summer opportunity stakeholders.
  6. Focus on the quality of programming.
  7. Make sure summer opportunities are here to stay by building community-wide systems.

For more detailed steps, strategies, and resources to help you and your communities take summer action please read and share this 2016 Action Tool Kit.

For more information or if you have any questions concerning Summer Learning Day or summer learning in general, post your questions or comments below or contact Leslie at leslie@summerlearning.org or 410-856-1370 ext. 204.

Let’s continue to work together to achieve our #KeepKidsLearning #GLReading goals!
Remember to post your Summer Learning Day event/program on NSLA's interactive Summer Learning Day map so families can find you!

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