The National Head Start Association found a great way to celebrate National Reading Month.  This year, the NHSA has partnered with actor and author Taye Diggs to promote cultural understanding and pride while wishing Congress a Happy National Reading Month.

If you want to get in on the fun, they offer some ideas on how to being participating National Reading Month.

  1. Choose what day or days in March you will do the reading month activity with a child.
  2. Print out a few sample activity ideas and read Chocolate Me! or Mixed Me! or both during the month of March at your Head Start program.  There is even a take home activity to engage your parents with!
  3. Take pictures and have fun!  Post your pictures on social media using the hashtag #ReadWithTaye.  When you post your pictures make sure to tag @NatlHeadStart, @Readingby3rd and Head Start's Child Literacy Ambassador @TayeDiggs on Facebook and Twitter. 
  4. And, most importantly, tag your Members of Congress!  Share your pictures and with your Senators and Representative a happy National Reading Month!  You can find out who your members of Congress are here.  To tag them on social media, find Members of Congress handles here.

Make sure you visit their website to find more ideas on how to be an advocate and participant in National Reading Month!

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