Emily Samose


What Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Community are you a part of? If not a current GLR community member, choose GLR Staff or Consultant, Partner Organization, Funder or Incoming Community. GLR STAFF OR CONSULTANT

Title Consultant

Organization ECS Consulting

City and State Washington, DC

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"Watch a video of the dinner plenary, including remarks by Ralph Smith here: https://apts.org/events/public-media-summit/2018-public-media-summi..."
"Read more about this event in the kidoNomiCs Forum Wrap-up! https://iei.ncsu.edu/2018/02/22/kidonomics-forum-wrap-up/"
Last week’s Beyond School Hours Conference, hosted by Foundations, Inc. in Orlando, FL, is the nation’s premiere conference for educators and leaders serving K-12 students in afterschool, summer and beyond.This year’s conference featured a specific…
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