Janice Hamilton Outtz


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Title Chief Administrative Officer

Organization Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

City and State Washington, DC

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"I love this. Thanks for sharing. I also love Barbershops. My dad was a barber in Louisiana and I used to spend many a Saturday just hanging out. Might of looked a bit out of place to see a little girl in a barber shop but I loved it. Then when I bec…"
"This is great news not just for the kids who will benefit but also for the parents who work and might not have had the kids in the programs because they were half day. Working together is such a good thing. Think maybe we can get more people to do i…"
"This is perfect timing. I am so happy to see that our network is really networking. Love the idea of Read Across America Day. We have a snowed in day in DC and I spent most of the day "just reading" -- stopping every once in a while to work a little…"
"Kelly and I have been working together since June 2014. It has been a pleasure to get to know her. She has bailed me out plenty of times with Salesforce. However, this "Fast Five" gave me new insight! I am starting to see a different side of Kelly.…"
"Shauna, a dance teacher, a music teacher, an English teacher--Switzerland, Dominican Republic...what a wealth of experience you've had already!!!! Wow!!! Glad to meet you virtually. Love the way you talk about parents. Keep it up. As you know they a…"
"Hi Jennifer. My husband and I visited your wonderful city for the first time last month. Yes, the lobster was great but my husband also noted that Portland was a "cerebral" city with so many bookstores of all kinds all around. So glad to hear that i…"
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