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What Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Community are you a part of? If not a current GLR community member, choose GLR Staff or Consultant, Partner Organization, Funder or Incoming Community. WA BELLEVUE, WA SEATTLE, WA TACOMA

Title Senior Consultant

Organization Smarter Learning Group

City and State Seattle, WA

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Name of Community Involved in the Network Interim WA State Lead

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"Thanks Kelly. Appreciate the connections you are making with our resources to this question. I've got a few state leads working with those helping to identify the roles housing authorities play in those communities."
"Thanks Alicia for encouraging the CA communities to share their information as it relates to housing authority partnerships. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them jump into this discussion."
"Thanks for reminding all of us about the KCHA's work in Eastside Pathways. Do you know what is the best way to describe the role the KCHA is playing with Eastside around the attendance effort? Can you share with us what the housing authority a capac…"
"Hi Abra, Thanks for responding and I agree it's always a pleasure working with Alicia! Has anyone done a cross-walk to determine how many and which of your 70 housing authorities are working with a Campaign for Grade-Level Reading community? I would…"
Raise your "huddle hand" if you have a public housing authority partner?!
"Watch for this as you continue to think about this powerful partnership....GLR is giving way to specific strategies to fold, braid into the collective impact framework that is speaking powerfully to business leaders. We are starting to see and learn…"
"Thanks for the work on capturing some of the ways these powerful efforts are intersecting. My hope is those reading this see this as an entry point to an incredibly rich conversation happening at multiple levels across the country on one level. And…"
"Thanks for promoting this excellent example!"
"I really enjoyed getting to know Kelly better! Kelly - thanks for all you are doing to support this important work and always answering my questions thoughtfully. You are a very good spirit and source of talent. And kudos to Susanne for thinking up…"
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