Kelly Trop


Tell us a little about yourself I'm a program assistant for the Campaign, and my main job is to administer the Campaign's internal database. I also help update the Huddle and send mass mailings. I've been with the Campaign since June 2013, graduated in 2011 from St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, and currently live just outside of Washington, DC. My hobbies include swing dancing, reading, and making art.

What Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Community are you a part of? If not a current GLR community member, choose GLR Staff or Consultant, Partner Organization, Funder or Incoming Community. GLR STAFF OR CONSULTANT

Title Program Assistant

Organization Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

City and State Chevy Chase, MD

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"Hi Sandra, glad to hear about your interest! Did you want to attend the GLR funder huddle before the conference, or the Exponent Philamthropy conference itself?"
"Hi Alex,

I'm getting a "404 access forbidden" message when I click on the brochure. Does it exist in some other form/place?"
"Here's an editorial from the Providence Journal about the new statewide campaign and the importance of reading at grade-level:"
"I left this comment in your previous post about digital tools, but it's probably more apropos here!

Charlotte Webb says (via email) "In WV we are piloting Ready Rosie (, which sends <2 minute videos. There is a charge for it,…"
"I'll leave it to the actual community members to give more details, but it looks from the Bright Spots like Topeka, KS; Springfield, MA; and Palacios, TX all have public housing authority partnerships. I also know that some California communities wo…"
"Welcome to the Huddle!"
"Barbershop reading has been in the news lately! Here's an article about it in Dubuque: and one in Today covering New York City:;"
"We'll have to talk someday about studying public health! I have no idea what to go to grad school for, but I know a lot of public health people and they do a wide variety of interesting things."
"Fast Fives are back, hurrah! I loved reading about the evolution of your job, and how you've been scaling up the kind of impact you can make.

I also have a paper planner- there's something helpful to me about physically writing things down, althou…"
"The Bellevue Bright Spot also goes into this topic: (Thanks to Betsy for pointing it out!)"
"Congratulations on being featured! You've done really creative things with your partners. :)"
"I have never been to a sampler museum, but a kids' program at colonial Williamsburg taught me how to sew! The importance of tiny, neat stitching cuts across all socio-economic classes, apparently."
"Thank you for sharing your experiences! (Also, I'm glad to know that someone else refers to the Huddle as a 'one-stop-shop'; that's exactly the phrase I use when I describe it.)

I know that sometimes health issues like asthma can be aggravated by…"
"Your hands-on public health experience sounds really cool! How does your past work with mothers and babies inform the work you do now?"
"This is an inspiring video! I checked our database and it looks like the University of Arkansas is involved in increasing Arkansas communities' capacity to use data- were they a partner at Jones Elementary specifically, or was some other partner inv…"