Maria Weer


Title Education Coordinator

Organization Building Healthy Families

City and State Enterprise, Oregon

Community Name (Please complete if you selected "Incoming Community" above.) Wallowa County

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"These resources are wonderful! I am so excited to get our community on-board!"
"Thanks for the positive feedback! I agree, we all have a ton to learn from each other!"
"I agree! We found the health community to be a great, non-threatening way to get word out about programs!"
"Thanks! Hope the "Book of the Month" works well! Let me know if I can help!"
"The 200 patients are the children enrolled at the clinic that fall in the 0-5 age range. So, over the course of the year, these 200 patients will take as many ASQ's as Well Child Visits."
"Looking forward to this webinar. Wallowa County has a number of voluntary summer programs, but we are always looking for ideas to strengthen them and increase school readiness!"
"Thanks for sharing! Loved seeing a Pacific Northwest Partner featured and LOVED seeing great ideas to borrow as we move forward!"