Marissa Blankinship


Tell us a little about yourself Hi! I'm the Community Services Assistant for the Roanoke Public Libraries in Roanoke, Virginia.

What Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Community are you a part of? If not a current GLR community member, choose GLR Staff or Consultant, Partner Organization, Funder or Incoming Community. VA ROANOKE

Title Community Services Assistant

Organization Roanoke Public Libraries

City and State Roanoke, Virginia

Community Name (Please complete if you selected "Incoming Community" above.) Star City Reads

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"Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for clarifying! That makes perfect sense!

"I'm so excited to see other communities' communications materials again this year! Just a quick question for clarification: I believe this year's GLR Honors Self-Nomination form included places for us to upload communications materials. If we've alr…"
"Thank you so much, Adam!"
"Thanks for posting this! I have a note from GLR Week that Yolie is hosting a parent engagement webinar on June 26. Is that correct? If so, how do I sign up?

Thank you!"
"Roanoke is so excited to be part of this transformative initiative! Thank you for the opportunity!"
"These are awesome! Thank you for sharing!"
"Can't wait to read this! We're always thinking about ways to better engage the families that come to our library system"
"This is terrifically helpful! Thank you!"
"This is such an important read! Thank you for sharing this, Betsy. My colleagues and I are going to share this with our library coworkers"
"This is really helpful as we plan our Summer Learning Day events! Thank you!"
"These look great! Can't wait to read them!"
"Welcome to the Campaign, new communities!"
"This sounds really interesting! thank you, Jessica!"
"Wow! This initiative sounds incredible!"
"Definitely. Looking at the data we do have has helped us determine what data we need in order to better track our work and make the most progress possible. Right now,wWe're looking at measures on a school-by-school basis so we can be sure we're focu…"