Sally C. Fuller


Title Project Director, Reading Success by 4th Grade (RS4G)

Organization Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation

City and State Springfield, Massachusetts

Community Name (Please complete if you selected "Incoming Community" above.) Springfield MA

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Collaboration is hard! For our early childhood education community, collaboration is a state-of-mind and an ongoing practice that's benefiting the youngest citizens of Springfield, Massachusetts. The recipient of a federal Preschool Expansion Grant,…
One common question reverberates around the country and at the community level where the work of early literacy is conducted—how do we engage parents of young children?
That question caused the Reading Success by 4th Grade initiative (RS4G), backed…
To my Early Literacy Colleagues,
I am writing to share an incredibly valuable learning opportunity for you or your organization or your coalition.  Currently underway in Springfield, Massachusetts, with 50+ participants from over 20 organizations in…
Here's a wonderful article about the great work of Talk/Read/Succeed!, a program whose goal is two-generational success, being done in a Springfield, Massachusetts, housing authority site.…
"We are eager to learn more about this model...and will be calling Katherine and her team. In Springfield MA only approximately half of our children have access to a formal (not to mention high quality!) early childhood experience. So while we contin…"
"Each time that I have participated in a CGLR gathering, whether it's F2F as last year, or regional or national gatherings, I learn something new. that's powerful, in an initiative like ours - collectively - that just is hard hard work. New ideas, ne…"
"Happy to read about the good feeling that you get when working with parents. I agree that it's powerful stuff...and also know it's the hardest part of the work we must do. Parents - especially in the families where income and housing are so unstable…"
"I enjoyed reading about Jennifer! and it's refreshing to put a personal face on this always-daunting work we are doing! and of course, I agree that lobster is a must in EVERYONE'S life!
The Huddle is gathering momentum and this will help develop mo…"
The Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative has been developed for Western Massachusetts children over many years.  A strong experiential learning program with an intentional literacy curriculum, the program serves 1500+ children in Springfield and commun…