Pittsfield, MA

THE PROMISING STORY OF PITTSFIELD, MA: Moving from Mobilization to Action in 2013

The Pittsfield Promise early learning initiative won an All America City Award from the National Civic League in July 2012 for its plan to improve third grade reading proficiency in the city, as well as address attendance and turning the summer slide into the summer glide. Since then, the Promise has taken off--moving from mobilization to action--and working toward turning the curve from low-performing to over-achieving by focusing on family engagement, community awareness, building partnerships with schools while also focusing on out of school time. We're seeing an impact. Here's a glimpse of our first year.

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  • (My) Word of the Day: Great! Thanks for sharing your work Pittsfield! I'm particularly curious about the work of the Pittsfield Promise Early Childhood Coordinator and the Born Learning Trail. Look forward to learning more.

    - Betsy (GLR Network's community manager)

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