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Campaign for Grade Level Reading – Hillsborough County

In Hillsborough County, we are building success with the Campaign for Grade Level Reading through an informal coalition of stakeholders known as the “Partnership for Out of School Time (POST)”. We meet regularly to discuss challenges facing young people in the community, including how we can address areas of concern through concentrated, coordinated focus on ensuring high quality OST programming for all children in the community.

One way POST is working specifically to measure success this summer is to quantify the number of children in the community who are accessing academically enriched Summer Care programs. All member agencies, including large providers such as County Parks & Recreation, Boys & Girls Clubs, the school district, and others, as well as smaller providers and organizations that provide overlay or pull-out services, have agreed to share the number of children they are working with this summer and the number of times each of those children are accessing their programs. Hopefully through this initial small first step toward sharing data, we can ultimately work towards common measurables, outcomes, and assessments to ensure that our work for the children we service is truly making an impact.

Another area of great success in the community supporting the work of the Campaign is with the “Read on myON (ROMO)” Partnership. We have worked throughout the first full year of the partnership to ensure that all children in Hillsborough County are accessing the 3000+ books available in the online library free for children from birth through 8th grade. Since the program’s inception in February of 2012, students have read over 2.7 million books! Through the ROMO Partnership, our community also participated in Summer Learning Day, working with preschool-aged children and families to read and have fun while learning about magic!

In the next few months, we’re looking forward to supporting our partners in a successful transition back to the school year, including a push for Attendance Awareness in September.

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  • Super start on Summer Learning and creating common measures with all you partners!

    .Kim Scott (Literacy Powerline and Campaign consultant)

  • Thanks for sharing.  Wondering how the data collecting and sharing went. Look forward to talking soon to introduce myself, learn more, and connect you with others in the Network.

    Betsy (manager of the Campaign's soon-to-be-launched online Community Solutions Accelerator, which builds upon the NING!)

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