This page lists Campaign publications that communities may find helpful.

Additionally, based on interest in what's happening in Network communities, the Campaign produces a series called Bright Spots. That name may sound familiar to you because it also happens to be the same language we used at the beginning of the Campaign to describe programs and schools that had a track record of success tackling the challenges of school readiness, school attendance, summer learning, and grade-level reading.

Community Solutions Action Plan (CSAP) Framework — Use this tool to develop a Community Solutions Action Plan (CSAP) that can be reviewed, at your request, by both peers and GLR Campaign Partners.

Progress Framework — This Progress Framework, developed by a broad cross-section of communities and partners participating in the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, offers a core set of targets, indicators, strategies, performance measures and capacities that we believe reflect some of the most essential elements to help us reach the 2020 goal — and also help us know whether we are on track to get there. 

Don’t "Dys" Our Kids — Use this comprehensive report and action plan to help children with learning disabilities reach grade-level reading proficiency. Based on interviews with nearly 30 experts, the report includes a collection of recommended actions for advancing this movement.

Growing Young Minds: How Museums and Libraries Create Lifelong Learners — Use this report from the Campaign and the federal Institute of Museum and Libraries Services (IMLS) to learn 10 key ways libraries and museums are supporting young children. It also includes case studies and provides a clear call to policymakers, schools, funders and parents to make full use of these vital, existing community resources.