Summer Indicators

Summer Learning Progress Indicators

  • More children from low-income families participating in summer programs that meet their academic and social needs.
  • More children from low-income families maintaining or increasing their reading levels over the summer.
  • Fewer children from low-income families experiencing summer as a high-risk period with major challenges to good nutrition and fitness.

Early Grade Reading Proficiency

  • More children from low-income families reading at or above grade-level at the end of first, second and third grade

An indicator helps quantify whether a target, or result, has been achieved. The Campaign emphasizes focusing on leading indicators – factors that tend to indicate changes early in a pattern or trend and therefore can be used to predict a general shift. All indicator data also should be disaggregated by race, age, grade level (for children in school), income, sex, dual language and neighborhood/zip code, when possible.

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