Summer Target

Summer Learning Target

About Targets

Consistent with the way the Campaign has proceeded from the outset, the Progress Framework is being co-developed with GLR communities and with our national implementation partners. Content on these pages comes from the Progress Framework.

The Framework was developed in response to Network Communities seeking guidance on how to track progress toward the goal of third-grade reading proficiency. Although it is intended as a tool for communities, not a mandate, the collaborative approach to development gives the Progress Framework on-the-ground credibility and is expected to encourage communities to use it as a guide.

We will continue vetting and revising the Framework, which will remain a work in progress, drawing on ongoing input from communities and partners to ensure that the Framework reflects the most current research, emerging experience and what is being learned as the work evolves.

The Target

By 2016, a 20 percent decrease from the baseline year in the number of pre-K to third grade children from low-income families who experience summer learning loss in reading.

A target is a population-level result reflecting child well-being conditions in terms that families and the public can readily grasp. It’s about the quality of life a community wants (not about programs or agencies).

Setting targets can be challenging. Targets need to be ambitious but something that communities can act upon and achieve. Targets also need to acknowledge that communities start at different points – what one community can readily do may be harder for another community. With this in mind, the GLR Campaign – whenever possible – has defined targets as a desired amount of change from a community’s baseline and change that is for the better, change that emphasizes improvement.

The target above is offered to GLR Communities in that spirit, as a reference point to help you fashion a target that works best for your community, taking into account local considerations. The target also is offered to Communities as a touchstone to monitor progress, to explain progress to stakeholders and to inspire ongoing and continuous work and investment.

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