2016-2017 GLR Network Activities & Events

2016-2017 Network Activities and Events

AUG 1                Begin reviewing criteria for Pacesetter Honors and All-America City (AAC) Award application

SEPT 1–30        Participate in Attendance Awareness Month

SEPT 15            Complete review of draft self-assessment

SEPT 29            AAC Webinar: Preparing for the 2017 AAC Awards and Pacesetter Honors--View the slide deck and recording.

OCT 3                File letter of intent for 2017 All-America Award and 2016 Pacesetter Honors (Moved from Oct 1. The letter of intent portal will remain open until midnight Pacific time.)

OCT 5                Begin using the online portal to complete GLR Self-Assessment/AAC Award application (Moved from October 3 due to rescheduled letter of intent date.)

OCT 27              AAC Webinar--Measurable Progress for Low-Income Children: School Readiness. View the slide deck and recording

NOV 16              AAC Webinar--Measurable Progress for Low-Income Children: Summer Learning. View the slide deck and recording

DEC 6                AAC Webinar--Measurable Progress for Low-Income Children: School Attendance, 3 PM ET (Rescheduled from December 15.) View the slide deck and recording. Calculate chronic absence for your community's Self-Assessment with new Attendance Works tools.



JAN 12               Participate in AAC Webinar, 3 PM ET (Rescheduled from January 19.) View the slide deck and recording.

JAN 31               Filing date for 2017 All-America City Award Applications

FEB 1                 Begin registering for Denver Gathering

FEB 16               Participate in AAC Webinar, Peer Reviewer Orientation at 3 PM ET Register here.

MAR 1                Begin Peer Review Process

MAR 2                Participate in Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

MAR 16              Participate in AAC Webinar: Communications Expo at 3 PM ET. Register here.

MAR 31              Participate in ESSA: Where do we stand now? Webinar at 12pm ET. Register here.

APR 20              Participate in AAC Webinar, 3 PM ET

APR 23–29        Participate in National Volunteer Week

MAY 18              Participate in AAC Webinar, 3 PM ET

JUNE 14–16      Attend All-America City Gathering in Denver, CO

JULY 13             Participate in Summer Learning Day