Weekly Huddle Roundup, Oct 1, 2014

Weekly Huddle Roundup, Oct 1, 2014

October 1, 2014       

Dear Colleague,                 

This week’s news from the Network Communities Support Center includes:          

  • A Bright Spot shares how libraries in Phoenix, Arizona, are doing very early screening for reading disabilities, identifying potential red flags and referring children for further evaluation. Read more on the Huddle or download the Bright Spot pdf. To nominate a community as a Bright Spot, email Betsy Rubiner at brubiner@gradelevelreading.net. Self-nominations are encouraged!
  • A question has been posted to the Huddle asking communities to share “during school time initiatives,” or successful practices you have used that are focused inside the school walls. If you have examples or experiences to share, please comment on the Huddle.
  • Do you know what your partners did for Attendance Awareness Month? You can find out by asking them to complete this quick Attendance Awareness Month Partner Activity form. Then join 71 other Campaign communities in posting your collective efforts on the Attendance Works website map. Read more on the Huddle.
  • Community Lead Barbara Hammond talks in a brief video about how Vero Beach, Florida, is using the Grade-Level Reading Community Self-Assessment Tool to evaluate progress to date and create annual milestone targets. Watch the video on the Huddle.
  • Looking for attendance posters, videos about early childhood brain development or multimedia about stopping the summer slide? We’re sharing these awareness-raising materials in each of the three solution areas from New York, Arizona and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more on the Huddle.
  • This year's National Summer Learning Association Summer Changes Everything Annual Conference will show how partnerships, including some Campaign national partners, have played an important role in supporting summer learning work in local communities. Several workshops will feature content related to collaborative efforts and will share best practices, as well as ideas for leveraging resources to promote sustainability. Register for the conference in San Antonio, Texas, on November 17-19. Read more on the Huddle.
  • NSLA will also be working closely with the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) on an initiative supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Accelerate Summer: A Partnership for Learning is designed to identify and share effective models, inspire innovation and build national awareness of public libraries as leaders in summer learning. Read more on the Huddle.   
  • We have two weeks’ worth of funding opportunities for you! Read this week’s funding opportunities, and catch up on last week’s.                   



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